Saturday, April 15, 2017

Going to Bangkok

Salam alaykum

Ita a good feeling to be able to leave the nest and went for a trip with others once in a while. Here it goes .... another conference trip with my good buddy and our husbands. And this time its Bangkok.

We decided to go 2 days earlier to get a better glimpse of Bangkok and Allah's beautiful creations.

Prior to going to Bangkok, we did a research on what are the interesting places, the transportations system, halal eating places, prayer (solah) places and what souveniors they offer. Alhamdulillah... we the advent of the technology... all these information is just a click away. Through some blog walking and site viewing, we prepared a thorough itenarary that is agreed by both.

We began our day at 4am. We leave the house at 5am heading to the airport. We parked our car at the Putrajaya LRT station and took the ERL transit to the airport. As we took the AirAsia, our airport will be the KLIA2, Malaysia's low cost carrier terminal. It has been on few occasions that we parked our car at the Putrajaya station when taking the flight to any places. The parking fees and ERL ticket is cheaper than taking the airport cab to and fro the airport and our house. For 4 days, the parking charges was only approximately RM24.

Reaching the airport we hurriedly to the Drop Bag counter as we had ealier done the online Checked-in. We, later proceed to perform our solat Subuh. And later leisurely walk our way to the designated Gate. The flight is scheduled at 8.20am.

Alhamdulillah... the flight was on time and smooth. We ordered in-flight breakfast earlier. Alhamdulillah the food was satisfying.

Immediately upon disembarking the flight and passing through the immigration checks, we were greeted by the mamy telco companies for a temporary sim card. We were offered an unlimited data plan for 300Baht for duration of a week... and we accepted the offer. While the girl set up our phones, another lady briefing us on how to get about to the various interesting places. And were suggested to take the metered taxi to our first destination, our hotel, the Royal Orchid Sheraton.

For the taxi, we proceed to the left of the airport exit to Exit 8. There was a taxi counter there. Alhamdulillah it was a smooth drive through the highway to the hotel. It took us approximately 30 minutes to reach the hotel from the Don Mueang Airport (unlike the many readings on the massive traffic jam in Bangkok which estimated for an hour 30 minutes to the hotel from the airport).

Alhamdulillah... we were allowed for an early check-in at the hotel.

Our first destination as per in our itenarary is the famous Chatuchak market.

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