Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life's Like That - Queueing


I am at the hospital today for my scheduled check-up. My husband drove me to the hospital. The appointment was at 8.30am but we arrived at 7.45am. Thinking that we are early, we are totally wronged. I was given the queueing number 1058 when the current number is at 1008. Fuhhhh.... what a wait! This queueing number is just to get my ID printed, and to verify the payment. After this i would have to queue at another counter which is the specialist counter. This is the waiting that one should patiently endure when dealing with government hospitals.

To say private clinics are better? I totally disagree. The same goes.... i waited for ages for my turn at a well-known specialist center in Shah Alam. The in-between patient waiting time took so long... the whole morning is spent waiting when seeing the doctor takes only roughly 10 minutes.

In conclusion, PATIENCE is always the key.

While waiting, i enjoy watching all walks of life. People come with variety of medical problem. Some come on a wheelchair, some come with their urine bags. May Allah give us good health always.

The one sight that i am quite disagree is when i saw new comers coming in with their uniformed members, whispering and gigling at the counter... and zzassss they passed the first counter with a bliss and was directed to the next counter. Not one happenings but a few. How do they feel about this? Are they proud that they know those people in hospital uniforms that grant them cutting the queue? To me ... everybody deserves the same. If you came in late, you nedd to wait for your rightful queue .... BUT... that's life. How many are living with the principles????

Lets pray and strive to become a better muslim.

Wallahu a'lam.

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