Sunday, December 11, 2016

Syamail Muhammadiah


This morning its Ust Firdaus, discussing al- Haya', the shyness character about the Prophet. As mentioned in a hadith, "Shyness is part of eeman".

Al-Haya as defined by shar'iy. The type of shyness that leads do doing the good things and it prevents is from the wrongdoings. This is the haya' to Allah SWT WHOM has given us the blessings in fulfilling our daily task.

The next haya' is the shyness towards the Prophet himself. The Prophet loves the ummah. He was always worried when there are people who go against the islamic teaching. The Prophet worries that his teachings/ preachings were not done properly that leads to disbelief in Islam still.

Haya' to the Prophet is by performing all the sunnah. Sunnah is all comes from Rasulalllah, being in sayings, doings or His agreement. Whether its the compulsory sunnah or the sunat.

Haya' to the Rasulallah SAW also call us to protect the sunnah, to share the sunnah and to deliver the sunnah to others.

Haya' in Rasulallah SAW:
Rasulallah is so shy.

There is an instance when a muslimah came to see him asking about haidh. He answered. But when asked over and over again, he shyly requested Aisyah to answer the query on His behalf.

When Rasulallah looked or saw at something that he disliked, it will be obvious on his face.

Wallahu a'lam.

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