Sunday, October 2, 2016

An evening at Aeon


To say that I am perfectly well, it is too much to say... because it is not true. But... for the sake of the kids, its their break from the hostel life....i force myself to move about. It is also a way to fight the weakness that I am feeling now.

Seated at the available seating space while the kids doing their shopping bits, i looked at the walks of people. There are variety of them ... some come with family, some come with friends, also those as couples whether legitimate or not is difficult to tell.

Looking at young families brought back the memories in me ... when the kids were small, strolling with a push chair, hurling whom running, never an outing a relaxing one during that time. We got to be alert at all times. Even after being the extra cautious once or twice someone get loose of our hold and sight. Panick button alert... Alhamdulillah they were safely found. It taught us a lesson... to be extra cautious and careful. To synchroniza and delegate observational task wisely. It tells....LIFE IS A LESSON. Lesson for us to be better in our quest for jannah for all.

Looking at the older people .... i was torn between two perspectives. Honestly speaking there are some older people but act like youngsters. The way they dressed and behave. The way their kids dressed and behave... it tells a story of the bringing up. O Allah, please let us always be in your path. The path that are blessed.
On the other hand... there are older people who came as couple..holding hands....enjoying their golden years. Such a wonderful episode to watch.

Well... that is how i looked at people. How would people look at me? Perhaps... a 'makcik' looking sick, seated and leaning against the wall...what the heck is she doing here in a shopping complex???. This could be one perspective..... BUT who cares what others say about you...what you should worry the most is WHAT ALLAH SAYS ABOUT YOU....


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