Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nikmat ilmu


Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allah blessed us with a good sharing from Sohibus Samahah Ust Dr Zulkifli Al Bakri, the Mufti of WP.

He began with this: 2 nikmat yang sering kita lupakan:
1. Nikmat kesihatan
2. Nikmat amal -

Tonight is the sharing about the scholar, the Imam Nawawi.

Born in a family who loves the deen in a place called Nawa. From childhood he  had shown the capability of becoming a scholar. He seldom plays with other children because the kids are either naughty or too kind.
A sheikh came and said that Imam Nawawi will become a great scholar. And the sheikh said it is based on an 'ilham' from Allah SWT.
From the childhood, he yearn for knowledge. At the early age of 18, he moved to Damsyik. He studied from the Mufti in Damsyik. He learned 12 subjects per day. He learn to write, and hafazan. He learned Kitab Tanbih in 4 months.

3 advantages or criteria in him:
1. Ilmu yang luas
2. Jaga makan
3. Amar makruf dan nahi mungkar

He studied 2 streams of knowledge.
1. Hadis
2. Feqah
And he is excellent in both fields/ streams. This is also the capability of Imam Shafie.

He wrote the syarah on Hadis Muslim and after that nobody else write the similar syarah because the details that was published in the kitab.

Allah has given him karamah due to his vast knowledge and 'alim. Once there was a friend who was sick with a bloated belly, Imam Nawawi visited him, he gently touched the belly and gradually the stomach became flattened.

He died at the age of 45. He likes to write. The average amount of pages he had written throughout his years of life is 16 pages per day. He never marries. He devoted his life for deen and ilmu.

Before he was sick, he went to Mekah, then Masjidil Aqsa. He later died on the lap of his father. 

His famous kitab is the Hadis 40 (Matan Arbain) but it consist of 42 hadith in the kitab. The hadith were arranged in such a manner to develop the iman in a muslim.


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