Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Light Discourse with YBhg Tan Sri Dato Seri Utama Arshad Ayub


An email came in to summon us to Dewan Al-Ghazali at 11am this morning. Tan Sri Arshad Ayub is here. At 88 years old he is still strong, speaking fluently, sharing his experience and thoughts. He was among the man behind the tall standing Faculty of Computer Science in ITM then.

The gist of the talk is educating the students. Responsiblity of the lecturers to prepare the students to be up to the demand. Prepare them how to communicate, grooming and presentation. He emphasized on English proficiency among students. And I could not agree more with him.

He did share his past, how he climbed the ladder towards success. Its not a sky-rocketed path. But the experience taught a person to be wise, full of wisdom.

He cautioned us not to worry about criticsm. Review it, analyse it and always strive for excellent.

Despite his years of age, he is still able to stand strong. The key to this is active cognition. The active thinking. I wish I will be beneficial to others when I am aged. In my own way for ummah.


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