Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jalan2 Kota Kinabalu 3


On our second morning in Kota Kinabalu, we were all geared up for island hoping. Our destination is to island hopping in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. We had our breakfast early. Get back into the hotel room, changed for the sport when we realized it began to rain. It was not a heavy rain though. And since our hotel to the Jesselton Jetty is a walking distance, we thought of just wading through the rain ... its going to be wet anyway on the boat and at the island.

At the lobby, there were many people waiting, sitting. It was a downpour. The idea of walking is not feasible. We will be soaking and drenching by the time we reached the jetty. We waited, du'a, hoping for the rain to stop. It was almost 10am and there was no sign that the rain was stopping. Many visitors were restless in the lobby. A bus came and ferried a group of Chinese visitors to their destination. And hope for the rain to stop becomes brighter, but we could not wait. Time is so precious. Alhamdulillah, the hotel we were staying is connected to a shopping mall. Being the second customer to the Watson Store that morning, I bought two pairs of rain coat. And covered with the rain coat we headed towards the jetty. Very determined.

Fishes swimming near the jetty captured using the phone camera
On the way to the jetty, for the first time in life I was bathed/ splashed by the water puddle at the roadside. Even though saved by the rain coat. My bottom was wet. Half way through, another mishap occur. This time, my long time friend, the almost 8 years old slipper called for a service termination. I was in despair. My husband was already far ahead, leaving me behind, dragging the slipper to be kind to me, at least until I reached my destination. Arriving the jetty, I headed to the many stalls/small shops available that sells many items suited for the island challenge. Among them are slippers. Not many choice, I opted for a simple slipper. Sadly saying goodbye to my dear long serving slipper, the slipper that brought me up to Jabal Rahmah during our umrah trip years ago. Rest in Peace in Kota Kinabalu dear.

We did not made any prior arrangement for the island hoping. Thus, we headed to the counters. Too many to choose. We simply chose the one who made the most effort to persuade us. We were told that we only have time for two island hops as it was already 11am. That will be Sapi Island and Manukan Island. A little bit upset but redha and satisfied with it, We paid RM120 for the boat fares and RM20 for the snorkeling gear. Shhh.....its my first time experiencing snorkeling.

It was still raining when we board the boat. The rain hits our face as the boat sped, a little boy next to me was crying. It aches. I pulled down my tudung to cover my face, and Alhamdulillah, I can still look around through my glassess. It was a short boat ride and we reached the Sapi Island. We were asked to pay RM3 for the entrance fee to the park. We quickly secure a place on the bench at beach and I headed to change and get ready for the adventure. Sorry to say, the condition of the toilets are very upsetting. This is something that you need to mentally prepared. By that time, the rain is almost stopped. There are many beach activities and you can ask for it at the counter . Parasailing is one of it. The beach was full of people. The sea was beautiful. The water was clear. But there are not many fishes. Being a newbie, I struggled with my snorkeling gear a little. Even though with the life jacket on, I dare not move deeper...as a result, I saw more feets and bumped to people more than I saw the fish. Anyway, It was a wonderful experience.

After two hours at Sapi Island, drenching, we waited at the jetty for the boat to ferry us to Manukan Island. Manukan is a bigger island. There is a resort built on the island. The water is clearer there, And i think they have more fishes as compared to Sapi Island. However, the beach is not well maintained. There are litters around. I even need to push away some plastics while swimming at the  sea. Anyway, becoming more experienced with snorkeling and its gear, I enjoyed my time there the most for the many fishes that I saw and less people to bumped into. We spend 2 hours there and its time to go.

It was a wonderful experience. Hoping to do it again. But with kids this time. Insha Allah.

We reached the hotel at 4pm, and doze off ---tired. At night, we went to the Philipine market again. And this time is to shop some souvenirs. Brooches for family and friends. Dried shrimps. Anchovies. Dried squid. Those are some of our grabs. The dried seafood was nicely packed and sealed in a box. Ready to board the aircraft.

For dinner.... its a treat for ourselves at the hotel's buffet table. (Shhh... we only had biscuit when at the island earlier and this buffet dinner was the second meal for the day) ....The food was good. Many varieties. Eat with confidence as they have the Halal Cert displayed.


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