Monday, May 9, 2016

Food review: Jom Bali @ SACC Mall, Shah Alam


We always had problem findings place to eat when eating out. We are not among those who will wade through just to eat the best food in town. To us eating will be anything edible and fits our taste bud with good price. Good price means worth the money. Its reasonably fine if you pay more for a good and worth the money. You cannot expect the best food with just a few bucks. The food service had to make some money too.

When having hard time to find place to eat... I would normally dive into the net to read about the food reviews by the many food lover and bloggers. Thanks to them for making time to write about the places to eat and review to it. I really appreciate it. It helps a lot in making a decision for a suitable place to eat. Even though our taste bud are different....the reviews provide a guide on where to eat, what to eat and which place not to go.

And tonight...after a long drive from Penang for our visits to our loving moms... and after stucked in a traffic jam just because Malaysian driver were ever too caring to be a spectator for an accident at the other side of the highway.. we were again in dilemma of where to eat and what to eat.

After a long food review...none attracted our interest ... we opted to try out a quite new eating place in Shah Alam --- the JomBali Cafe. It is located on the ground floor of the Shah Alam Convention Center Mall @ SACC Mall, behind Uncle K restaurant. It features variety of foods. Some are readily cooked...some are hot from the stove. They have western foods and locals. And some sound of Balinese too.

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As I was not very hungry...I ordered Char Kuey Tiao, while Mr Hubby and Atikah had different variety of nasi goreng. For the side dish, we tried the 'tauhu goreng' and 'sotong kangkung'. For the drinks....I had the green apple juice, while Mr Hubby had iced coffee.

When the food arrived... i was startled to see the amount of the char kuey tiao. I was expecting only 1/3 of what was served. It was a very large serving with one sunny side egg. The fried rice was ok. The taste of the food were acceptable. We were considering for a comeback to try out all the other courses on the menu. The price? Not too cheap but its value for money... for its' cosy eating place... handsome size of serving and good taste. I am giving it 3.5 over 5 we had not tried other menus yet.

Thats all.... hopefully it can be some help for you out there.


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