Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jalan2 Kota Kinabalu 1

Alhamdulillah...syukur ke hadrat Allah, dalam usia menjengah ke hampir setengah abad ini, akhirnya kakiku mencecah juga ke bumi Kota Kinabalu. The most longing place to be....for no special reason...just because I have never been here. Thank you hubby for sponsoring this trip .

The flight was at 930pm on Sunday. We purposely chose the night flight to ensure that kids are safely in the hostel ground, while kakak in her 20, should be able to take care for herself.

Car Rental
We reached KK at about 1130pm as shceduled and was greeted by Shahril, the person that we rent the car from. I got his contact number through another blog. We requested a Myvi but he brought a Proton Saga BLM for RM330 for 3 full days. Hopefully it is a good bargain because we did not have time to shop around for the car rental. The car was in a good condition for a rent car. It was very clean indeed. Ita good to see a young chap brilliantly jumped into the business world and willing to stay awake till the wee hours just to wait for the customer.

We trusted the Waze to lead us to TH hotel. Unfortunately the waze cheated on us that night and took us to a different location. It was quite a driving around the block until we finally reacched the hotel. We reached the hotel that night at almost 1am when everybody else was busy mending their dreams. Our intention is to begin the day in the very early of the morning on the next day.

The hotel is comfortable to stay. A very Muslim friendly. The breakfast was a so-so. Not many variety and tasteless. Even the coffee was cold. They should improved on that.
After solat Subuh which was at 5am, we continue dreaming till 7am and began our day. Breakfast. Checked-out and head to our first destination. To Kundasang.


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