Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Training@Avillion Admiral Port Dickson


It has been long time from my last outstation training. The last was two years ago, the Team Building at Marina Cove, Lumut. Dragging to come out of the coccon, I found it interesting to be with a different set of people on occcasions. Not to mention the KPIs that I brought back with me upon completion of this training.

The hotel is where we visited the many years ago. And i can never tolerate on cleanliness. When having to tiptoed in the room, I ranked it 2 for it. The food was a so-so in variety but an excellent for taste. Alhamdulillah. Unwilling to initially share a room gave me the opportunity to encounter a new roomate,  a new friendship. Life is full of interesting happenings. And it is for you to decide whether to be happy or otherwise.

It was the elearning training. I got to meet members from different faculties and UiTM campuses. We got the chance to exchange news and ideas... and suddenly I felt very old. All others are young and vibrant. I am vibrant but not young... heh heh. All is in the heart. If you put in you that you are saggy and old. There you are, being old. Feel old. But put yourself in a cheerful and vibrant life... there you are as young as the young ones. Age is only numbers though numbers do not cheat, you still have your mind to decide on it.

Bearing high number of years alive in this world put you into several circumstances:
1. The years that you have ahead is very limited. Reduced by days, hours and second. That calls for always remember the life after death.
2. Being vibrant and happy but still requires you to show your maturity and professionalism.
3. Being the seniors you should ready to be the role model.

Numbers do not warrant you to be solemn and reserve. But it warrants you to carry the wisdom of life that you ahve endeavour.

Ya Allah.. always guide me to the righteous. And may I become a good role model to others as warrants by You.

Wallahu a'lam.

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