Saturday, November 7, 2015

Buat_Gila_2_Cameron Highland


Doing extraordinary at times is really thrilling. And frightening too.

It all happened when Atikah got to drive alone to sit for her MUET in Tapah that afternoon.

Over lunch, Atikah is still putting high hope that I would accompany her to Tapah, which I do not feel like doing it as I just got back from the training. Then, Ayah brought-up this brilliant idea, send her off to Tapah, and we head to Cameron Highland. I was like in the cloud for a moment as I really feel like taking a break from the hectic schedule.

The brief planning took place and we were to leave for Tapah immediately after ayah came back from the office. I rush to the office for some office matters and came back sharp for our mini trip preparation. 

Atikah was driving from Shah Alam to Tapah to give Ayah a good rest before a climb to the highland. We reached Tapah around Maghrib and we head to foot of the hill and the watch showed 7.55pm when we began ascending.

It was dark, totally dark, even the high beam did not help much. Every turn and corners must be done with extra careful. I was doing my zikr the whole journey. Praying for a safe journey. We scarcely pass by any vehicle. At one stretch of the journey, we suddenly pass by a long trail of vehicle descending the highland, all are trailing a lorry. Nobody dares to overtake another in this darkness.

Then, we saw a flashlight coming from the rear. A car is approaching. We finally had a company. But the car was driving very fast and overtook us at the first opportunity. We assumed that he must be very familiar with very corners and turns in this path. About halfway up, we saw a lorry ahead. And we began to trail the lorry until we reached Ringlet. It was less exhaustive and stress once we trail the lorry as it set the path ahead. We simply follow its each turns and corners. Enjoying the darkness. Witnessing the aborigines nightlife. Reaching Ringlet was a big relief. Further up is Tanah Rata, and finally we are in Brinchang. And Brinchang was jammed-packed with tourist whom might have come up earlier in the day. 

Where to stay? Its another gamble game we played. We head to highest point of the Highland and plan to begin our quest for a night stay from there. Alhamdulillah, at a first stop, we managed to park ourselves at a hotel near the famous and busy Kea Farm.

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we walked in the cool and breezy weather to the Kea Farm to get some fresh vegetables. Crowds began to gather. It is becoming busy. Grab few things that we desired, and back to the hotel before checking out for the stay.

We thought of grabbing some Fresh mushrooms at the S-Corner, but was disappointed because the store was closed. Then we began descending to Tanah Rata and stop by at the famous MARDI Agrotech center. Busses were lining with tourist roaming around. We joined the crowd expected to see a breathtaking floras, but it disappoints us again. The place was clean but many of the floras are unattended. I hope to see more roses in the rose garden but was frustrated. 

These are some of the photos of beautiful flowers captured during my short trip. Its beautiful. It soothes me. It gives a peaceful feeling.

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahu Akbar.


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