Thursday, November 19, 2015

Arduino ~ Bila si Tua masuk kelas


Heard about it for quite sometime but never get the chance to indulge into it, so.... here it is... the Arduino workshop, Last Saturday.

I was already ready to sign-up for the workshop at own cost when suddenly an email came asking whether those in the list (10 of us from the department including myself) wanted to go for the Arduino workshop. I jumped into the opportunity. This is what we called 'rizq', a gift from Allah. Alhamdulillah. It saves me RM700 and I got to learn new things.

Arduino is about how you connect the chipboard to the various parts or devices to work as an electrical circuit. Instructions to operate the devices connected to it will come from the programmed codes which normally used C++. You get it connected to a motor, mechanical arms or fingers, buzzer or even to a LED panel. You can create a robot with it. Interesting isn't it?

The workshop is a full-day workshop which started at 8.30am-5pm. Our morning was filled with the installation attempts (very sad indeed with this technical problem), however, we managed to make a miniature traffic light in operation before lunch. To get this 'simple' task working requires a hardwork on our part. Being a person whom last seen the electric circuit diagram in 1985 (sound ancient ehh...), it is a very challenging job. We need to dive back into the memory lane when we were introduced to anode and cathode. Fuhhhh....... sweating in the cold but it was interesting.

The afternoon session is more challenging when we were asked to get the mechanical fingers move. After several attempts, I really need to raise the white flag. The cognitive is no longer receptive or effective. Let the fresh mind do the puzzle solving task, while I backed to becoming an observer. It reminds me, the aging factor .....

Overall, the whole workshop is interesting. I enjoyed it. New knowledge is accumulated even though not much. I encouraged the young minds, the teenagers to dwell into this as it is challenging and it build your creativity and critical thinking.

And for me..... I am determined to join another Arduino class and this time I would be more receptible.

Alhamdulillah... thank you Allah for this opportunity to grab this little knowledge from the wide sea of knowledge that you laid for us.


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