Monday, October 19, 2015

Conference @Berjaya Langkawi


It's was an unplanned trip. A student was supposed to present the paper could not make it. She felt sick. May Allah ease her give a speedy recovery. Ameen. I had no choice but to drag my best friend forever, Mr Hubby to accompany.

It was a last minute arrangement, as not to troubled Mr Hubby, I made a reservation to where the conference will be held. It was the Berjaya Resort Langkawi. For the conference, I got it at a lower rate, Alhamdulillah.

The place is full of lush, tranquil and forest living. From the lobby, one may need to take a shuttle to your chalet. Walking is not possible especially if your chalet is very deep into the area, also, you might get lost within the compound due to too many path to reach to your destination (unless it is a long stay and you manage to venture every inch of the resort. 

Ours in only a one night stay. During our stay, we encountered the wild life such as the flying squirrel, the white hornbill and an unknown animal that makes sound at our window during the wee hours at night. It sounds eeries? Yes, it is. I will never come here alone. However, I enjoyed the flora and fauna found. I was fascinated by it. The tall trees keep our paths in shades. The sound of the wind on the leaves is soothing to the ear. It is an escapism for those nature lovers. Living lavishly in the quiet jungle. I was just amazing.

My coming to the island has turned from a presenter to a judge. Thanks to a good friend, Dr Liza, we swapped places. There were 5 teams that need to be evaluated, but only 3 turned-up, which reduces my load. It was a robotic competition among Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics. Their innovation are superb. They are the brains of tomorrow. Given a good coaching and guidance, they are our hope for a better tomorrow in innovations, research and development. However, above all, keep up the good ethics in everything that you do.

Then, it was time to go home. Before that, another visit to the store is a must --- well, you must know that Langkawi is a heaven for ladies, a shopping heaven. Just come with an empty luggage and prepare for extra kilograms when going home. ;-p

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