Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Big 'C'


The big 'C' .. the most frightening cell. The cancer cell.

Last week alone, I received 3 news of the death of the cancer patient. The first was our colleague. Fighting the big C for three years and finally defeated. The cancerous cell invaded from the breast to the lungs. It's all Allah's will. Allah is the best planner for us all.

Visiting the jenazah, it gives shudder. The daughters were seated at the head, the eldest which is in her early 20s clad in telekung, was very calm, reciting Quran to the beloved mother. The youngest whom is only twelve on the other hand seems so helpless, Looking straight in the air. No one knows what she's thinking. No one knows how she felt. Losing a mother at the tender age when mother is the person that we want to be around the most. Looking at her face, she was smiling to the world she is saying goodbye. Yes! She is practically seems smiling. Scholars said that it is the sign of a good farewell. May Allah grant jannah for her. May all the difficulties and pain, shed all her sins away. Ameen. Her day has come. When are ours? Would we know to be ready? How will the kids be? Will they make dua for us? How will it be? Are we prepared for it? O Allah ... I am ashamed of myself. Please forgive me and may I remain in doing the good deeds.

The second news came on the very same day. A father-in-law to my nephew passed away in her 60s due to the prostate cancer. It has been more than two long years that he suffered which deteriorated after the Eidul Fitri. He passed away peacefully. Seems ready to his final destination.

The third one comes on Saturday. A young lady aged 33. Lose the battle in fighting the breast cancer. Not many were known about her. But the preparation was done in our Surau. From the relatives, only recently that she know of the cancer (during Ramadhan), but from the friends, she has been fighting the big 'C' alone for many years not knowing by the family. Peacefully she passed away leaving all the worries.

The big 'C' is just the cause, the surety is everyone will come to this day. The final day. The day that nothing else matters except the deeds that you have accomplished. Be it good or bad. Those with the good deeds will be rewarded with Jannah that no beauty can tell. Those with bad deeds, the fiery AnNar awaits... Nauuzubillah.

Allahu Akbar! May You grant us all Jannah and make us remain in doing the good deeds as much as possible.


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