Monday, September 14, 2015

Perawi Hadith


Off late, there's a campaign going on the FB. It's the "Semak Status Hadith Sebelum Sebar" campaign. It is a very good campaign. I 100% agree to it. With the advancement of communication technology, news travel very fast, at the speed of the lightning. People would readily love to pass information disregard whether the information is correct or not. Being an academician, I understand the importance of authenticity of the content. Every words that we pass must be either from us or other any reliable sources that are authenticate.

Off late, there are too many quotes being pass through the FB or the Whatsapp or the Telegram or any communication platform which link it to our beloved Prophet, Muhammad SAW. This is a very dangerous activity. Without knowing the authenticity of the rawi (person who passed down the hadith), one cannot claim that the hadith is authentic and is the words of Rasulallah. The rawi must be someone who is trustable and gets the hadith from a reliable source and able to quote the source well. One of the famous collector of hadith is the Imam Bukhari. He is one scholar that is very careful in choosing the hadith to be compiled. That's the reason for believing those hadith that is collected in his books.

During the recent tazkeerah, Ustaz Dr Rozaime (a young scholar but expert in the field of hadith) was asked, "If a rawi must be someone very trustable, why don't we see hadith quoted by Khadijah RA (Rasulallah's first wife) and Saidina Abu Bakr (the very best friend of Rasulallah SAW)". Dr Rozaime replied:

1. Saidatina Khadijah: Saiidatina Khadijah passed away before The Prophet Muhammad SAW. Therefore there is no use of her to tell the hadith as people can easily asked for it from The Prophet himself.

2. Saidina Abu Bakr: He died 2 years after Prophet Muhammad SAW. He ruled the Muslims only for two years. And during that time there were still many sahabah (close friends - those who had the chance to meet the Prophet during his life) who had listened to the word of the Prophet (hadith) from the Prophet himself. Therefore there is no need for him to tell the hadith. Futhermore, during that time, he was too busy stabilizing the Muslims as after the death of the Prophet, there are many murtads and people who refused to pay zakat.

Allahu a'lam. May this piece of information shed any questions that we might have.


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