Thursday, May 28, 2015

Slow juicer vs fast juicer


Slow juicer.
It was my first time knowing such as that. I never knew there's a slow juicer and a fast juicer. I only know, there's juicer. Fullstop.

Alhamdulillah it's a new knowledge and information for me.

I was curious about it. As usual, nowadays, knowledge is at the fingertip, on a touch of the keyboard or keypad. One question asked from Mr Google, will delivered hundreds and thousand of answers for you to filter.

Nama lain bagi slow juicer adalah masticating juicer. And for the fast juicer, it is also known as the Centrifucal juicer (memang tak pernah ku dengar sebelum ni).

Hurom HU 100
Masticating juicer: Source: Google image.

Breville BJE820XL
Centrifugal Juicer: Source: Google image

It took me one whole night to study this. Based on the few video clips that I watched, here are my findings:
1. Slow juicer perlahan, fast juicer cepat (as the name implies)
2. Slow juicer cannot take big chunks. Kena potong buah menjadikan lagi lambat. Fast juicer boleh campak sebiji2. Lagi cepat.
3. Slow juicer tak keluarkan haba. Fast juicer keluarkan haba tapi tak signifikan. Belum dibuktikan haba tu merosakkan kandungan khasiat buah.
4. Slow juicer tidak mengoksigenkan buah, therefore boleh simpan 2 3 hari dlm fridge for later consumption. Fast juicer mengoksidakan juice, therefore kena consume segera.
5. Slow juicer amat sesuai utk green leafy macam kale dan apa-apa sayuran. Fast juicer tidak sesuai, dia menghasilkan juice yang sedikit dari green leafy product.
6. Slow juicer is more expensive as compared to fast juicer.
7. Slow juicer produces less noise as compared to fast juicer,

My conclusion:
1. If you have enough money to buy slow juicer, go ahead. But it requires more effort on preparing the fruit for juice. However it becomes very useful if you are a person who likes to drink juices from vegetables. And prefer to make it ahead of time.
2. If you are not a frequent juice drinking person. The fast juicer is sufficient. Sufficient for the price tag that it holds.

My choice:
Since I already owned a fast juicer, I am not going to spend more money on another juicer. If I need to drink vegetable juice, the blender works well for me.

Make your decision. The choice is yours. Both are great wonders to help you maintain good health. Allah has created human beings with a powerful machine (the brain), if put to a good use, it will benefit many. With the brain that Allah has created, we created many more tools and gadget to make living in this world healthier. With the good health that we have, hopefully, we will have more time to worship Allah, Insha Allah. Ameen.


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