Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Orang Melayu vs Orang Islam


I got this in my message box in Telegram from a friend. 
It sounds very nice and thoughtful.
How simple things often overlooked, can become very meaningful.
If viewed from a better perspectives.

I did not to whom should the credit goes to.
But this writing is truly an eye opener.
The beauty of Islam that lies beyond what the naked eyes sees.
In the wordings lies the very powerful dua'
Hasbiallahi wa ni'mal wakeel.
Allah is Sufficient for Me, and He is the Best Trustee
(mentioned in the Qur'an (3: 173), is said when a Muslim is in difficulty or under a threat, to seek Divine help and support.)
Only in Allah we trust
Whatever He has for us, is always the best.
Insha Allah.


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