Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kupasan Al-Kahfi by Mufti Menk : Part II


This is the continuation of my transcription about Surah al-Kahf by Mufti Menk.

He said:

In a hadith about Dajjal, Rasulallah SAW said that Dajjal will come with a test:
i) test of believe - he will claim himself as GOD
ii) test of wealth - dajjal will have control on wealth and water
iii) test of knowledge - he claims to know what is correct, which makes what is correct is considered wrong and vice versa
iv) test of power - he claims to be able to give power - as people will be so in love with power, they would do anything in order to get the power, to the extent to worship dajjal just to get the power, na'uzubillah.

How this four tests brought by dajjal are related to surah al-Kahf? It is through the story delivered in the surah.

Image result for Alkahf1) Believe - it is the story of people of the cave. They went into the cave just to protect their believes. To stand for what they believe in, that is Allah SWT. they move away from a place that could do harm to their believes to a place where they can protect themselves from the evil. It is a guide for us that we must move away from anything or situation that can jeopardize our religion.

2) Wealth - story of men who have lots of wealth and claims that the wealth is because of him not from Allah SWT. And he thought that wealth will never be depleted. However one day, all the wealth are gone through the fie that burnt down his orchard. Allah is teaching us that the wealth belongs to Allah and we are only the custodian of the wealth and we are allowed to use the wealth only as Allah has prescribed. in the wealth there are a portion for spouse, children, parents, relatives, faqir, others, or even animals.

3) Knowledge - the story of Musa AS and Khidir. Khidir does things that makes Musa curious, and when asked why he did it, he just claim that the knowlege is from Allah. It shows that Allah gives knowledge to anybody He wants. Khidir is given the knowledge even though Musa AS is the Prophet, and Musa AS need to learn from Khidir because of his wise knowledge.

4) Power - the story of Zulqarnain. He is known to be very powerful by people of his time and yet, he did not misuse his power. He did mot misuse the power because of fear of ALLAH SWT. Whwn he builds the wall he knows that the wall will only be ther as a long Allah wants it to be there.

AS a conclusion, lesson that we can learn from surah al_Kahf, according to Mufti menk:
1) test of religion - do not shake/ do not shatter/ stand for believes, if we cannot do it, run away to a safer place.
2) test of wealth - relate to Allah and do not seek from any other
3) test of knowledge - seek pure knowledge from Quran and Hadith
3) test of power - do not abuse power, always remember that Allah is the AlMighty.

Ameen. May we get some insight from this and become a guide to us. Always.


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