Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Al-Kahfi: Suatu Kupasan oleh Mufti Menk


Sambil bekerja dan mendengar bukanlah perkara yang mudah. Especially when you are writing a paper. It requires your attention to your thinking. Composing requires deep thought. This resulted in me listening to the 1 hour speech of Mufti Menk from the beginning of the day, till the end of the working day. I listened to it repeatedly for the whole day to get the gist of the discussion. And today it was a lovely and interesting explanation on the surah al-Kahf.

As we know, based on a hadith, we are encouraged to recite surah al-Kahf on every Friday night till before the end of the day (Friday). Among which, the benefit will be to protect oneself from the evil power of Dajjal.
According to Mufti Menk, the Dajjal is a manifestation of two forms:
1) Dajjal as himself. The actual Dajjal as described by the hadith in his physical form. Will come down to the earth as the world is coming to its final day.
2) Dajjal as a manifestation of a person (anyone) that will try to take religion away from you. Someone that would encourage you to act wrongly, away from what Allah has instructred us to do, and do what Allah forbids us from doing.

Based on the second description of Dajjal, therefore, there will be many dajjal around us. They can be anybody, whoever wants to take the religion away from us. Thus, no wonder our Prophet Muhammad SAW encouraged us to frequently recite surah Al-Kahf and say this dua before giving salam in each compulsory solat.

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Have you done this? I did. Let's do it together. May Allah protect us all from the evil power of the Dajjal.


~There'll be part 2 of the explanation on al-Kahf by Mufti Menk in next updates, Insha Allah. Wallahu a'lam.

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