Thursday, April 16, 2015

Who's winning the game


Yes, I know it has been a long absence. I have been soooo busy, exhausted with the amount of work that my physical body is almost collapse. Alhamdulillah, today, I got the chance of listeing to Mufti Ismail Menk on the Youtube while writing an article for a conference. (Phew!!! ... Now only that I have the time to look at articles).

I like this analogy that he made about the football game which many like to watch:

(This is my interpretation of what he says, not his exact words):

If you are watching a football game of the team that you like. What if your team wins? You feel that you too have won. Do you? What do you get in return for the wins. The winnings will not even take you closer to jannah.

But, if you are able to overcome shaytan, then, that is the real win. And there is a BIG reward awaits you in jannah. So, which game do you prefer to play and win??

This statement does not try to say that you cannot watch the football. But the effort that you take to watch the football (what more if you watch it live in the stadium), if you can put the same effort into worshipping Allah and get into the game of overcoming the shaytan, it will be the best for you. For your after life. Because overcoming the shaytan gives you JANNAH.

And jannah is the most beautiful place that you can never imagine. Nothing most beautiful on the earth can compare with what is in Jannah. You will look gorgeous. Your spouse will look fabulous. The fruit taste the best. And you will only hear sounds that sooth your ears. SUBHANALLAH.

Then what? Why not rush to jannah? Its the life the we chose to live in now will determine whether we are going to jannah or not. So, lets let live a life that will take us to jannah. Lets live as Allah wants us to live. To just obey HIM. Do what He wants us to do and do not do things that He had told us not to do.

Let's become a better person! Allahu Akbar.


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