Monday, April 20, 2015

Rekreasi Malam di Shah Alam


One Saturday night, we were out driving for some coffee. Coffee during the night?  Yes, we are crazy for coffee. And my husband is always willing to fulfill my coffee craving because he is fond of coffee too.
During our drive, we went to the area near the Masjid Shah Alam, the place where Shah Alam folks called Padang Kemerdekaan, as it is where the Merdeka Parade for Selangor takes place. There were lots and lots of cars there. We were wondering, what was going on there???? Only, to find that the throngs of people are actually enjoying their family time together on the green field. There were children running around happily, playing bubbles, balls and lanterns. Mothers sitting on the mat with some prepared food. There are siblings playing badminton on the field too,  Cars parked along the road with their bonnet opened, we presumed its some sort like a car boot sale. Mini stalls were set up selling drinks and snacks. The view was so intriguing.

A snapshot of the happenings. 

It was so happening!!!
Living in Shah Alam for more than 20 years, we never knew the life at this hour in this part of Shah Alam. They seemed to enjoy this activity. It is a good family recreation. It's healthy. It should be promoted. 

I was mesmerized by the scene that I forgot to capture the happenings. Only this glimpse of the event is captured as we were leaving the area.

Shah Alam ..... a convenient place to stay. Alhamdulillah.

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