Thursday, April 23, 2015


Assalamualaikum all,

K.P.I. ~ Key Performance Index.
It's the index they use to measure your performance for a year. Every beginning of a year, the KPI will be set by the superior. For example, we must at least publish two papers for a year. Two papers is the performance index. If we managed to fulfill this basic requirement, we considered achieved the basic requirement. If we published more than that, we can be deemed excellent as a lecturer (one of the criteria). And.. the word KPI is heard being mention over and over again. And we strive hard to fulfill the KPI. Some even work extra hours to achieve the KPI. Some even come to work on weekends just to fulfill the KPI. This is how tough the working life is. And most of the time the KPI is being reviewed after each year. If achieved successfully, most likely the standard will be increased which more pressure for the workers to fulfill.

There was a post on the FB page of one of my senior and FB friend. It's a conversation that he had with a much junior friend. i borrowed the scenario as I found some truth in it:

Friend: How are you Dato'? How is your BP, glucose, cholestrol and heart doing?
Dato': Well... Alhamdulillah. Everything is ok. But... being at this age there are times when my BP go across the border.
Friend: Perhaps if you set your KPI lower, your BP will be lower as well.

Yes... I could not agree more with this. The work pressure that we have has been putting so much stress on everyone. A neighbor recently passed away at the aged of 43 living behind a wife with 4 kids and written on his death certificate something that has this meaning,"Burst capillary due to stress". I do not know the medical terms, but this is how it is being translated in laymen term. It is true that the time of death had been stamped, written by Allah SWT earlier, but the reason for the demise showed us what kind of world we are living in now. May Allah bless my neighbor and put him in jannah together with the righteous.

Therefore, let's live a balance and healthy life. Balance between the world and hereafter (akhirah). Prepare ourselves with enough supplies to live happily in the forever world. Stay healthy because there are so much that we can give when we are healthy.

By the way .... have you fulfill your Muslim KPI? Have you renewed your Muslim KPI? Let's fulfill and renew it for the better and higher standard as these will give rewards in the forever world.

Wallahu a'lam.

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