Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to Life, Back to Reality


The school session for 2015 has begun. UiTM Diploma session reopens. One by one leaving the nest. On their journey to seek knowledge -- the vast knowledge in the world. Hopefully the journey, the bits and pieces of life along their journey  will lead to the beautiful jannah, insha Allah.

It was a quiet house again. It's the solemn mood again. The same mood and feeling that I felt when I entered the house when everybody was gone. That's how mothers will feel. That's how my mother will feel, the saddest thing is that she was left ALONE in the house. O Allah give her strength to go through the days.

Hakim was the first to leave the house. He left the house on Saturday, for a new environment. Still doing his tahfiz but at a different school with a different environment. May Allah give him strength to face the new challenge. May Allah give istiqamah in his endeavour. May Allah ease his adaption to the the new environment. Ibu and ayah tried our best to give you the best. Insha Allah.

Sabrina was next, preparing every bits to the last minute, she was sent to the new school building, a very impressive environment for a secondary school. May this new environment able to nurture them to become dynamic al-hafizah and scientist. Insha Allah. May Allah ease everything for her too. Ameen.

Atikah was the last to leave the nest. At around 4pm, she gathered her things, fill-up the car trunk only to find the car was unable to start. Not much time left, we opted for her to drive ayah's car back to Tapah while ayah take a look at the car. hmmm.... a luxurious one for her. We sent her off with doa. Safe journey, hardworking and istiqamah in study. May Allah ease her in all her doings. Ameen. And may success be hers, insha Allah.

The most important thing, to all the kids ... whatever action that you take, may it become the seed that you sow and reap the reward in jannah, insha Allah.

Back to reality. Reality is not always sweet. But reality is what we have. How I wish that they will always be with me. But, the reality says that they will soon be leaving me for their own life and future, And it's my responsible to place them on the right path for their journey.

O Allah! May we (my husband and me) be guided to the righteous action and decision in raising the children, the amanah that You have placed on us. Guide us Ya Allah. Guide us. And forgive us for any of our mistakes and wrongdoings. Never let any of our mistakes befall onto the children. Ameen. Allah thumma Ameen.

~ mode: missing the them already.

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