Friday, December 12, 2014

Melbourne Trip: Moving around in Melbourne


For this post I will just summed-up all the possibilities that you can have when planning for trip around the Melbourne city.

Comparatively, Melbourne is not that big. We managed to move around on foot most of the time. Our stay in Melbourne is at the Nova Stargate, located at the Franklin Street. It is situated very near to the 
Victoria Market.

The tram

To move around the city, you can either take the free tram, City Circle Tram, or the paid tram. For the paid tram, you need to have a pass, Myki, something like a touch-n-go card in Malaysia. You can use the card for the tram or train alike. Purchasing the card will cost you $14 for a day trip. We are lucky, Alhamdulillah, Hamzah prepared the Myki for us. One each. He troubled himself to deliver the card to 4 of us early morning on our first morning in Melbourne. The card had some balance left on it, and we need to only top-up the value for our use. 

The free tram, No.35, moves around the Melbourne CBD, the city, in circle. It is about 12 minutes interval from one another. The time may increases during peak hours. It is so convenient to move around using this tram. Very convenient. You can just drop off at any place that you wish and hop on again to move around. And its free.

From where we stay, we need to walk for about 20 minutes, 2 blocks away to the nearest free tram station, that is the Melbourne Central Station. Melbourne Central Station is also the hub for the trains to other various places. It is from this station that we take a train to Glenfarie station, to Swinburne University, the place where the IC3e Conference took place which brought us to Melbourne. Now you see... we are here for the conference, but we took sometime to explore the land of kangaroos.... hihihi...well, as the proverbs says.. 'killing two birds with one stone'.

Glenfarie Train Station within the Swinburne Uni

On tram No.35
To go to Glenfarie, I could say in  terms of the train frequency, it is a 6 star. We do not need to wait long to catch the train. It is something like 5 minutes apart. The timing is accurate. The information and notices are comprehensive. The chances that you missed a stop is too slim unless you slept on the train.

The Flinders Station is where the transits are for the trains. You can hop on another train to the destination you like at this station. Flinders station is an old building but is well kept and maintained. I salute. Its a pity that our old Kuala Lumpur station is now left unused. It could also become the center of attraction just like this Filnders Station.

By the way, on our trip, we took the free tram at the Melbourne Central Station and drop off at the famous Flinders Street. And a short walk crossing the busy roads (traffic lights helps you to cross the road) took us to the famous Federation Square. A most talk about place among tourist. And we were there to enjoy the free wifi offerred there.

Flinders Station
Flinders Station

From the Federation Square, we walked to Yarra River walkway and later walk our way back to our hotel on foot crossing through the busy Melbourne city. Just make sure that you have the Melbourne map with you as it will become handy as you move around the city.

To be continued ....

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