Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Melbourne Trip: A Day in Perth


Alhamdulillah... we concluded our trip with a short transit in Perth. A 7 hours transit gives us an ample time for a short tour around Perth, had a lunch and back to the airport.

Bell Tower under renovation
It is an on-purpose transit. Alhamdulillah Suzana suggested that we take a transit in Perth so that we had the opportunity to set foot in Perth --- something like a sneak peak of Perth.

Our flight to Perth was at 8.30am via Qantas Air. We had Farid, our entourage, to pick us up from the hotel at 5.30am to avoid any unforseen circumstances. Before leaving the hotel, my husband and I had a light snack after Subuh which is at 4am because we do not know what they will serve us on the airplane. On our way to the airport, we passed by Brunswick, a place in Melbourne suburbs that housed muslims community. You can see many Muslim's restaurant and butcher there.

As we are about to check-in using the many kiosk available, Alhamdulillah, the airport officer approached us and asked where we are going. She even helped us to check-in, when realizing that we will be on transit, she advised us to go the counter instead as from there, they will handle our luggage to the connecting flight. If we do a self check-in, we need to handle our luggage on our own. Fuhhhh.....Alhamdulilllah Allah had eased us on this matter. We had our luggage checked-in, we later find a quiet place to sit and enjoy our home made breakfast while waiting to board the Qantas Air. We spent time to catch-up with the world through the free internet access at the airport.

Old building that is still standing tall
Modern and old building stand tall
We arrived at the Perth airport as scheduled. Numerous announcements were made to make sure nobody carries in any fruits from other districts. Large bins were placed at several places at the airport on our way out of the airport. Since we have no luggage to pick-up, it was a smooth way out for us. We met with a volunteer who guided us how we should spend our 6 hours or so in Perth. She suggested we take a bus to Kingspark, spent our time there, take lunch and take another bus back to the airport. She even brought us to the bus station nearby. After a short discussion among us, Mr Hubby suggested otherwise. We agreed as he had been here before. Instead of a bus, we took a taxi to the Bell's Tower.

From the Bell's Tower, we bought a ticket of $33AUD per person to take a ride on the hip hop bus which took us around the Perth. This is a worth ride. The bus took us around Perth and to interesting places in Perth CBD. It went around the Perth CBD, even to the Kingspark and Botanical garden then finally to the city center where we disembark. Perth is traditional town with many preserved buildings. It looks awesome.


Street art

Kangaroo with briefcase:
Symbolize people returning home from work

A Shot from the bus
Almost similar to our Bangunan Sultan Sulaiman
There's quite a number of Muslim restaurant can be found in Perth CBD. Ae it already noon, we had lunch at Indonesia Restaurant called Indonesia Indah Restaurant, serving nasi padang with a reasonable price. Then a short walk to the sourvenir shop to grab few last items. And later took a cab to the airport where we perform our solat jama' in a space provided for multipurpose prayer, its very convenient. It even has a qiblat shown on the ceiling and a convenient place to take your wudhu' (ablution).

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