Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Melbourne Trip: Around the Melbourne CBD


5 days and 4 nights are not that long ... we did not managed to cover all the interesting places in Melbourne CBD itself. We barely managed to complete the cycle of the free City Circle tram ride.

Among the places that we went : 

1. Around the Federation Square.
2. A walk along the Yarra river.
In front the Federation Square
 3. Saw the Eureka Tower but had not had the chance to go to the hanging deck even though I wish I could be there. We were too tired after long and days of walking.

Eureka Tower 

4. We managed to find time to the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) at the Wharf area. Went into the complex for window shopping. Nothing captured our interest except for the notice board below:

Interesting advertisement
 Get the meaning of the advert? Ha ha .... it means that, while the wife is busy in the DFO, this cafe will do the husband-sitting .... so, let's the husband sit and relax in the cafe while enjoying the coffee ... very catchy isn't it?? This notice is place in front of a cafe just next to the DFO

Light show
Light show
5. One of the night, we went out to the city center on the tram just to catch the night glimpse of Melbourne CBD. We thought of only enjoying the ride to the city and back to our apartment. However, a large crowd rose our curiosity. Upon stepping down from the tram, we realized that it was a light show being put up at one of the building. The show is about Christmas. We did not catch the show as we are too far to listen to the dialogues.

6. We spent our time leisurely at the aquarium. Enjoying the various sea life.

the fierce shark

Hi there! The stingray greets you ;P

 As we did not go to the Philip Island (the most talked about attraction) because of time constraint, we simply enjoy the penguins here in the Sea Life Center.

There's a lot more places to go and see. There are the muzium, zoo, Philip Island and many more but we have too short to enjoy them all. Besides the aging body needs some rest too.
It will be more interesting if the kids were around. Some other time dears, ibu is here for work and sight seeing is only part of it.


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