Sunday, November 9, 2014

The OT ... A Revisit


When I had to go for the last ceasarean for Hakim back in 2002, I prayed to Allah that its going to be my last visit to the OT. But what Allah had planned for us is better and beautiful. When the doctor said, "We have to remove it.". I was stunt and speechless. Not so sure how to react. Removing it will mean another OT visit. When the doctor said again, "We'll do it sooner", I blindedly nod my head in agreement. And 6th November 2014 was the day.

We were there at 8am as instructed by the doctor. The operation is scheduled to be at 11am. I guess there's some preparation need to be done prior to the operation. At 8.30am, while Mr.Hubby and Atikah were having breakfast at the cafetaria witnessed by me (I am fasting-- for the operation), we received a phone call from the nurse. I was instructed to be at the Radiology for 'localization'. The nurse there later told me that the doctor will only be in at 9 to 9.20am, which mean another wait. Well, we pay to wait.

Localization is a procedure done to mark the exact location that need to be removed. The surgeon with the help of the radiologist will administer the procedure. Radiologist will scan for the location using the ultra sound, upon identifying it, the surgeon then will insert a needle to the location and mark the location with something like a blue ink to me. The tip is then left dangling for the operation. In my case, a plaster was placed to cover it to ease my way to the Operation Theater.

Next, I was brought to the daycare center to be prepared for the operation. I changed into the operation gown. I forgot how the operation gown was since the last time I put it on. The last was 12 years ago. I was feeling uncomfortable as the gown was only a knee length gown. Luckily I am not that tall, the gown fell to about 4 inches from my ankle. I was later asked to lie down to record my details.

The medical history was recorded. My blood pressure was measured. The first reading showed 151/98. Wow! A bit high... according to the nurse. I agreed. Next reading was 166/103... oooppsss it's on the rise. Not satisfied with the reading, they measured again on the other hand ... it went down slightly to a 161/113. What a bumpy reading. The anaesthetician came. He explained the procedure. My BP was again measured, it was 155/101. With that I was pushed to the OT.

The OT was cold. I was laid onto the operation table. I started to shivers. Looking at the bright lights. Saying the tasbih. The anaesthetician was busy trying to locate my vein. I was busy thinking of 'what am I doing here?', 'why do I ever agree to this? (As though I have a choice)'.... so many things came on my mind. Alhamdulillah... they finally able to locate the vein on my wrist. "Puan, kita bagi oksigen sikit. Buka mata ye", I heard the nurse saying. Its the sleeping gas. The surgeons hand is already on my body. Ready to begin her work.

"Puan... operation dah siap.", I opened my eyes lazily. Acknowledging that I am awake. I found myself in the observation ward. Shortly after, I heard the call for the dzohor solah. Alhamdulillahillazi ahyana ba'dama amatana wa ilaihinnusyur .....


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