Friday, November 14, 2014

Santai Pagi


MC.... day 9.

Am appreciating the moment. Enjoying my morning, sitting, listening to the water flowing, looking at the fishes swimming... most importantly, I had the oppprtunity to sink myself into reading.

Being in pain make me realize further one of the beautiful creation of Allah, its us, the human being. How each joint of the body interconnected. How each nerve plays each role supporting one another. It is indeed an amazing creation..the pain is only at one part of the body, however, each part of the body, each joint and nerve, simbiosisly support each other in support to the pain endured area.

I currently have limited physical activity due to the pain, I cannot move the right hand vigorously, then came the left hand in support. The hand that I very seldom use suddenly proves to be superior. I can do many wonders that I never thought of with my left hand.

When I overused my right hand, the pain nerves quickly send a signal to the brain and causes me to feel the pain and immediately stopped me from the activity which might further damage the pain area. Beatiful isn't it....? It's Allah's creation. Many parts of the Quran has reaffirmed this. How can we be so selfish not to be thankful to our creator, Allah Subhanahu wa Taala?

Lets show our gratitude in the simplest way that is possible... lets say ALHAMDULILLAH....



  1. subhanalllah sis.. kita punya cita rasa yang sama iaitu menulis. insyallah follow u