Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Little Garden


Home sweet home.....

Nothing beats the sweet moment at home. And ... I seldom had time to actually sit back and enjoy the flora and faunas grown in my small garden.

At times, I would enjoy being in the shrubs of my tiny herbs garden. But today, I think the colours would make my day. However, sadly ....I notice that I had limited colours in the garden... so sad....  .... this would call for a visit to Sg Buluh in the near future.

Still unable to do the stressful physical activity, I opted just to do the weeding on this left unattended garden. It gives a moment of pleasure enjoying the minimum outcome that I am capable of.

O Allah.... the highest gratitude is upon You, O Allah.. the Most Beneficient....who had bestowed with this wonderful life. Does everybody got the wonderful life???? Yes, we do. Happy and sad,  Wonderful or disgraceful is for us to determine. If money and wealth defines your happiness and wonderful, then, I do not owned it. Because... my happiness comes from this precious life that Allah had bestowed upon me. Whatever that comes in life, I appreciate it as a special gift from Allah SWT to this humble creation, its me. Its a lie if I had not faced any turbulance in life. It is a roller coster of life that we are moving in currently. But... I stayed hopeful, appreciate it as the wonderful and precious life that Allah had bestowed upon me.

Subhanallah.... Alhamdulillah ..... Allahu Akbar .....

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