Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The siblings

Assalamualaikum ....

This is not an easy moment to capture.
First, they rarely had time to be at home together, the three of them at home at the same time. Each has a different calendar. Their holidays are scarcely overlapped. Hakim has the least off days among the three.

Second, all three are working together, hand-in-hand to clean-up the front lawn and later wash the floors. Willingly. In fact they enjoyed it till I made them stop.

They are the jewels in my heart. All grown up. 
I prayed for them, day and night. No mothers wouldn't do that. 
Pray for the best of them in the world and hereafter.
Pray for their success, happiness and health. 
Pray for iman and taqwa.
May Allah bless them, always and forever.
They are the jewels of my heart.

To have them around is the music in my heart.
To send them off is a hole in my soul.
I wish I could have them cling to me for ever and ever.
But to let them go is to love them more.
It is the small mujahadah that we make.
To let Hakim leave the house at the age of eleven causes tears day and night.
To see Sabrina's long face as she disembark the car stirs the might.
To send Atikah off shudders the feeling inside
To enter the quiet house ...
To walk into their empty rooms ...
To hold the clothes they recently wore ....
O Allah! Only to You I voiced it out
The feeling of loneliness that no one can tell
It teaches me to grow, 
And now ... I understand how my mother would feel

My children, I love you all.... the jewels of heart .....

Yesteryears ...
Allahu a'lam

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