Sunday, October 19, 2014

1 trip, 4 visits


Another trip up North for me this weekend. It was unplanned. It was after Isyak, mak came out of the room, she was upset .... my elders brother could not take her home this Sunday as promised earlier. Knowing how she longed to be home, we agreed to send her home. Anyway we are going to Tapah to fetch Atikah and we eventually planned for a ziarah mission.

Along the highway scenery - Malaysian marble

We were off at about 9am. Reached Tapah at about 10.30am. Finished loading her one semester things into the bonnet and resume our journey. We stopped for lunch at the-never-stopped-before Rural Transformation Center (RTC) in Gopeng. The place is comfortable. Ample facilities. The food is OK. We might stop here again. At 3pm we arrived mak's house in Kg Pertama. And at about 4pm we arrived the SP house to see my brother in law was there. Its like a weekend family gathering.
Then the ziarah mission begins. 

Our first mission is to visit Aunt Rohani, the wife to abah's cousin. She's in the hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sg Petani. SHhe has been there for two weeks. Kidney failure on both her kidneys. She is 46. Visiting her make me realize the importance of keeping a good health. Make me appreciates the good health that Allah grant me now.

The second mission is to visit PakCik, mak's brother in law. He is 84. Admitted to same hospital two days ago for ulcer in the stomach. Looking around at the beds in the hospitals we saw people from the various walk of life with the various health problems and diseases. Old and young alike. These are the test Allah had befold upon us, to test our iman and taqwa.

The third mission is to visit Mak Teh, mak's elder sister. She's 75. She broke her foot tripping in a toilet at an RnR. Glued at her seat, we pitied her for not being able to move around gracefully as before for this time being.

Leaving this last house at about 9pm, we were very tired for being out for 12hours but happy to have completed our mission. Alhamdulillah. What is the fourth mission? The fourth mission is actually the first and foremost - to visit mak (just don't get confused- every married individual will have 2 mothers, and i like to address both as 'mak').

Sunday, we left early to avoid the traffic if any. Stopped by at Kg Pertama to say goodbye to mak. And in sha Allah we'll be back. And ... almost like usual, we will stop at the Bukit Gantang for the RM1.50 nasi lemak. And another stop at Tu Dia Pak Tam for the iced coffee.
The used to be RM1 nasi lemak

Alhamdullillah....safely arrived in Shah Alam.


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