Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Di Tanjung Dawai .....


Just to share what I did last week end. Very seldom it became a quiet weekend. It will always be a full and hectic weekend .... selagi ada kudrat.

Last weekend was a trip to pay a visit to our beloved mothers. The last visit was during raya, which means it was a loooonnng time ago. It's time we make a small effort to drive through the North-South highway to see our mothers.

Part of the visits, we visited the Kompleks Nelayan in Tanjung Dawai. It was situated besides the sea, it was where I got my seafood dry stocks is. This is where I got my belacan, ikan masin (dried fish - tamban, gelama, talang, tenggiri), anchovies, dried shrimps and also fish crackers. As though these items are not available in Shah Alam ..... but to get it from the source is always more appealing. The fishes are fresh, the price are cheaper and most importantly, the vast varieties of choices that are available. And not forgotten to get myself a homemade coffee powder ... argh ... coffee lover....

Goods sold at the stalls.

You can see the line-up of items available. Just make your pick. 
Oh Ya ... kids will not want to come here. The smell is not so pleasant to their nose but it surely serves the parents appetite.

Will come here again when my stocks ran out.


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