Friday, September 26, 2014

Air Terjun Bendang Man


Bersempena 'Visit Mothers Weekend' kami memenuhi permintaan bonda untuk pergi berkelah. It sounds interesting since it has been ages since we last had a picnic at a waterfall. The place chosen is Bendang Man in Sik district of Kedah. To be precise, we went to the Keda Resort in Kampung Bendang Man. 'Bendang' is term used by the northern folks to represent the padi fields. When my eldest brother mentioned 'Bendang', I thought it is going to be a picnic at the padi fields, near the stream, but I was wrong. It was a nice waterfall area at the heart of Kedah. To get there you can either take the PLUS highway to the north but we opted for a country ride --- passing through the many plantations and places and kampungs that we never encountered before. To me, it is the first in my lifetime to reach to this part of Kedah. I have never set foot in Sik before. This is really an interesting journey.

Air Terjun Bendang Man at Keda Resort

The place is well maintained and accommodates about 10 small chalets, hostels and venue for team building. It was a quiet and refreshing place. We arrive at about 12 noon when the stomach is rumbling. We quickly unpacked all the foods prepared by Mak to one comfortable gazeebo. Abang set up the picnic table. And the girls lay down the picnic mat. ---- Sound so essay isn't it??? hihih.... But this is really what happened. Essay normally tells what the writer fantasizes ... but this essay tells of the true wonderful colour of my life episode.

The picture tells all

We had a wonderful time even though I am a little bit too 'shy' to get myself wet. Even Mak gets herself into the water. Suddenly ..... there's water coming down from the sky (rain) ... Sabrina looked at me, trying to get an approval which I quickly understood. I told her...'Well, rain is water, so does the one around you .... what the heck, you are already wet ... just go ahead..." Am I a sport??? Heh heh heh.. A big smile came on her face, as well the cousins. They enjoyed their time till the water started to change its color due to the deforestation activities up the hill (our assumption), and it's time to pack and go home.

At one end, we saw our Ustaz Aiman performing the solah in the open environment.... its to tell that there's no reason to skip your solah, wherever you are. The earth is for you and me to worship Allah at all time and anywhere. We need not have a special dedicated place to perform the solah. As for ladies, if we are covering ourselves enough as warrant by Allah SWT, 'not having a telekung' should never be reason to delayed the solah. (btw, the resort has a surau for those who wants to perform the solah indoor - ample facilities).

That's it. Our short but meaningful picnic. The most important thing is we are able to make Mak happy and put a smile on her face.


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