Monday, May 26, 2014

Belum Milik Kita .... Thomas Cup 2014


Fuhhh! That's all I can say.

It was a very interesting game. The fight was till the end. Never that we enjoyed such a game. Full with fighting spirit. Winning or losing is a must in a game. But the fighting spirit that was shown by both teams were great.

The last game when Darren met Uweda was a heart throbbing moment. At IBF world rank 66, Darren facing the 25th ranked Uweda was not an easy task. Even though it was an easy lost in the first game, the second and the third game was the most enticing game. I cannot sit still, moving around just to ease myself. Its the fighting spirit that we should applaud them for. One is heavily burdened to bring the trophy to his country, Japan, for the first time while the other was tensed to bring the trophy back to Malaysia after a 22 long years.

Losing is not something to be saddened by because in a game one team is destinied to lost when the other is winning. But a game is about fighting and determination. When the determination is presence it means winning already.

And finally the Ultraman proudly held the trophy. But Malaysia also won the game for I have never watched such an interesting game, full of fighting spirit and determination. The same spirit should be applied by everyone in every endeavour as Allah wants us to always be the CHAMPION.

Despite what others said, I just wanted to say this... "CONGRATULATIONS Malaysian Badminton team for the 2014 Thomas Cup!!! Bravo... You made Malaysians proud to be Malaysian".


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