Monday, April 14, 2014

The Visit


I paid the doctor a visit this morning - afternoon. It was a long overdue visit. It should have been done October 2013, but I delayed it until when I feel the needs arises. Despite the its size is smaller under my numb finger, however, off late, the pain is more often.

While driving to the clinic, I thought a lot. And I put a positive thinking in me. With it or without it, sick or healthy, when the time comes, not a second is delayed or expedited. Thats the promise which Allah the Mighty has made to all mankind. Therefore... why worried. Live life to the fullest. Do things you enjoy the most. Get the best of life for the best of hereafter. Sow your weed to reap in jannah. Alhamdulillah... I managed to put myself at calm. My only dua', if ever I got sick, I do not want to burden anybody. Please let me be strong till the last breath lives my body..... O Allah! Please grant me this wish. Ameen.

It was a lonnnnnngg waiting time. I am prepared for that. I equipped myself with enough reading materials.

The look on the radiologist face does not put me in a comfortable situation. The frown on his face while going through the film worries enough of me. Alhamdulillah... the ultra sound scan does not gives an alarming results.

The overall result as of today, 14 April 2014:

  • 1 dissolved
  • 1 shrunk
  • 1 bigger
  • it gets lumpier on the outer ring
Am I to be happy or otherwise? On the positive side, I am happy. Alhamdulillah ... this nothing as compared to others. Alhamdulillah ... there's some positive results too. O well .... to fell sick or healthy, those are the test. To be sick or healthy, we will soon die. Therefore ... live life to the fullest in Allah's blessing. Do all the good deeds that you might and avoid any wrongdoings as much as possible. Insha Allah ... jannah is the reward. Ameen.

Till Next Visit. Insha Allah ...( if I live long enough for another visit).


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