Monday, April 14, 2014



Sounds weird isn't it. What is it so special that I posted about socks...? 

What is the real purpose of wearing socks?
  • Aa a school children, wearing a clean pair of socks is a must. You can easily stand in a corner as a punishment for not wearing the sock (oooppsss... this punishment no longer exist nowadays).
  • As a worker, the men would put on the sock to look smart and abiding the guide for a proper office attire.
  • In cold whether, the sock will warm your feet which is crucial for healthy reasons as the feet house the many nerves point of our body (according to the reflexology)
  • For babies, the sock too will warm their tiny feet, and not let gas build up in the tiny body.
  • For travellers, wearing the socks could protect their feet from any harmful object in the pathway .... this is also according to Islamic teaching - to put on khuf when in journey)
  • To a woman ... what does the sock do?? In muslim women, the pair of socks will cover the parts that Allah ask you to cover and only to reveal your precious body to one and only man, the husband. Allah protects the women by ordering us to cover the entirety except the face and the hands (from wrist to fingers). This obviously means that the feet must be covered as well.
When I first put on my socks... in my schooldays, I heard people whispering... "Hantu stoking @ Ghost in socks". It was a great challenge to obey and fulfill Allah's order. We thought it is just a small area uncovered. What more, because the feet were at the bottom, nobody seems to notice it, so, why bother covering it? And I failed several times. But now, I understand very well that Jannah is beautiful, and there's no free and easy way to get there.  I urged myself hard .. not to listen to what other people says, not to listen to those whispers from human's number one enemy, the syaitan .... I put on the socks as my act of obedient to the Might Allah.; Allahu Akbar; He who has given us the beautiful life now on earth; He who has bestowed upon us all the greatest and most Forgiving.

The challenge is not as tough as before because we do not walk alone. If you turn around you, you will see many muslim women put on their socks to cover the parts that Allah wants us to cover, as an act of an obedient servant. As a show of gratefulness from us, the muslim women, because Allah has raise our status in the community, not being discriminated. Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah for the great living we now have.

It's an ordinary view ... women in socks. May Allah grant us Jannah. Ameen.


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