Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Air o Air....

It has been a month. We are on water rationing. Rain that pours these last few days is not sufficient to fill up the dam. It will only happen with Allah's will.
Without rationing, the water will not last even till this coming Ramadhan ~ this is what the authority claimed. I chose to believe the claim.
With household only 3 to 4 person now, the rationing does not affect me very much. I pitied those with a bigger household, those with kids, those stayed in high rise building... the water rationing affected them tremendously. Be patient my akhawat and ikhwan... be patient... accept this as a minor test from Allah. Allah loves us. Redha... and you will be rewarded. Insha Allah.
And... this bill is a proof of the little reward ..... may reward awaits us in jannah. Ameen.

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  1. Kalau bil letrik pun rendah juga alangkah seronoknya ....hmmm