Thursday, January 16, 2014

Solat Sunat Selepas Subuh


Sibuk marking.
Its one simple sentence that I want to share. Truly rushing to meet the deadlines. But I just feel like sharing few notes here. Something that I gathered from the Kuliah Subuh presented by Ustaz Shauqi Othman.

Is it permissible to perform sunat solah after the Fajr solah? The answer is 'No'. Almost everybody knows this. However here is a short story that I want to share:


Rasulallah has never perform sunat solah after the Fajr. One day, after the Fajr solah whom Rasulallah SAW is the imam, there was one sahabah to get up and perform two rakaats of solah. Rasulallah did not immediately stopped him, but instead waited till he finishes his solah. Then Rasulallah SAW asked, "Are your performing the Fajr solah twice?. The sahabah answered, "No, Ya! Rasulallah. I was late this morning and I do not want to miss my qabliah, therefore I am doing the qabliah for Fajr".

Rasulallah SAW did not forbid this action. It tells that those who are frequent in performing Fajr qabliah is allowed to qadha' their qabliah after the Fajr solah.


This is an example of sunnah Rasulallah SAW that is based on taqrir. Taqrir is something that Rasulallah did not perform or said. Taqrir is a sunnah that is based on Rasulallah's approval to his sahabah's behavior or doings.

Love Muhammad SAW. Say Salawat.

Let's get back to marking.... ;-)


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