Sunday, January 12, 2014



I'm back .... after a long silence.
Orientation. According to Webster's Online dictionary, orientation is to introduce to new situation or environment. And yesterday was Sabrina's orientation day.

Orientation already? Has she gone off to the hostel? Some might have this question boggling in your mind. The answer is No. She has not gone off to the hostel yet. Its tomorrow. 13th January 2014. She'll be leaving the nest for a new temporary place that is the hostel life. Then... what is the orientation is all about? Its just ibu's simple orientation to get her to familiarize with the new hostel life.

Most of the time we thought that our child is a baby and remain as a baby for all the time. We did not teach her enough lesson for her to be able to adapt to the real life. I tried my best to teach and guide my kids to perform the house chores. The basic house chores that everybody must know such as cleaning, washing, and sewing. And .... simple cooking too.

With the advent of technology, washing means getting the clothes into the washing machine and later dry it under the hot sun. Sound simple isn't it? However, the tools and technology is not always available. Not knowing how the current hostel life is .... I orientate her to be familiarize with hand washing the clothes. A very basic chore but essential.

Well, Sabrina, good luck in your endeavour. Your quest to become al-hafizah mukminah solehah. I know you can do it. My dua is always for my children. Insya Allah.


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