Monday, November 25, 2013



Banyak yang telah berlaku. Terlalu banyak peristiwa yang ingin dirakamkan tetapi Allah belum mengizinkannya.

My dear Sabrina has completed her elementary schooling. Alhamdulillah. The highest gratitude to Allah for everything Allah has given her throughout her elementary years and many more to come ahead. Insha Allah. May she will remain in the righteous path with guidance from Him. Insya Allah.

Graduation day is a sad moment for her as she really enjoyed her school days, being with friends and teachers. Never a day will she miss the school except for some unavoidable reasons. Being on stage, performing and receiving rewards is something she always looked forward to. That is my dear Sabrina. And now she's moving into another episode in her life. The teenage life. May Allah guide me to guide her to always be a muslimah mukminah solehah.
"Sampaikan salam... buat semua
Salam terakhir
Salam teristimewa"
That was among the lyrics that they sang for their last performance at school. I almost broke into tears. Argh..... mothers are always the exxagerate lots......

On stage. Performing their farewell bid.

May she gets into a school that could bring her closer to Allah and pepare her to become the mujahidah in the path of Islam.  Ameen.

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