Thursday, November 7, 2013

Azam Maal Hijrah

It's never too late for anything.

It's the third day of the new Islamic calendar 1435H. It's just another day for me. Nothing new. Nothing special. Renewal intention? I believe we should do it everyday. Everyday we need to renew our intention hoping that 'TODAY IS BETTER THAN YESTERDAY'. This is my own private opinion. Opinion may differs. I am not ridiculing those who renew their intention yearly, for I believe, that each of us, whether we realize it or not  do renew our intention quite often.

What can we look at from this MAAL HIJRAH?

A year is a period of time. A 360 days or so. Strategically, planning is a two fold. Long term planning and the short term planning. For a country, a conglomerate, a long term planning will be a 3 to 5 years planning ahead. While a short term planning is the planning for things to be accomplished with a year or 6 months. In order to accomplish the years of planning it requires a breakdown of task and planning on yearly, monthly or even weekly basis.

As an individual, we too need to plan strategically. We too can have the long term and short term planning. For each of the planning, we need to have a breakdown of task to do in order to accomplish the plan. For this new Hijrah year, we can take this as a point to begin planning strategically for a year or perhaps two. We can plan ahead what are the things that we want to accomplish within a year: spiritually, economically or even family.

One may strategically plan to go for umrah in Muharram 1436 with the entire family. This is a good one year plan. How to achieve this? One may need to start figuring out ways to accomplish this plan. What could be the breakdown plan?
1. Prepare the budget for travelling.
2. Do an assessment of the current financial situation- savings.
3. May need to start save money (unless one already have enough savings for the family trip).
   - How much money to save monthly
   - What are the spending that need to be cut down
4. When to start surveying for an umrah package.
5. When to start register.
6. etc.
7. etc.

Or perhaps we can start putting a strategic plan for ourselves - never to miss the midnight solah.
What would be our breakdown plans?
1. To prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually on the importance and goodness of the midnight solah.
2. To prepare means that will wake us up for the solah.
3. To prepare a schedule for our daily activity to accommodate the midnight solah.
4. etc.
5. etc.
6. If we missed one midnight solah, reflect what went wrong that made us missed the midnight solah. Renew our intention and determination.
(However, my personal view, midnight solah is a short term planning, a month planning and reflecting is more appropriate. As it is something that we could accomplish with strong determination and intention.)

360 days is a good period of time to plan and reflect. We plan ahead and review the outcome. And within the period we may need to renew our intention numerous time.

Enough blabbering. Wishing all readers a very 'profiting' days ahead. Sow for the jannah.

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