Saturday, September 7, 2013



Was watching the 'Al Khawater' on TV Al Hijrah which was discussing about rizq. The host was saying that rizq not necessarily come in the form of monetary. Good health and happiness, are also rizq provided by Allah SWT to all human being. I agree to the statement undoubtedly. Also captured here is an interesting saying for us to ponder.

Kata penyair Arab:

Aku hairan dengan manusia yang risau hartanya berkurang tetapi tidak risau umurnya berkurang.

True enough, we, day and night were thinking how to increase our income but we neglect the fact that we now have less time to sow for the garden of akhirat. And that is where we are going to be forever.

Mudah-mudahan masa kita dipenuhi untuk amal kebaikan dan saham akhirat. Insha Allah.


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