Saturday, September 7, 2013

Periuk Besar


Today is 1 Zulkaedah. Time flies. Ramadhan is gone. Hajj is next. Ramadhan is the most awaiting for again.

This was the wonderful eid. Visitors came almost on every weekend. Cooking in large pots was suddenly became a routine. I normally cook barely for three but for the last eid, it was cooking for 30 (which I am not an expert at). Fuhhh.. Interestingly I have Mak Chaq (my aunty) came from Penang for the first time and meeting my long lost friend (last met was in 1980) for the first time. Those were the sweetest moment.

Juggling between running for open house invitation, coming back to receive visitors and sending Sabrina off to her tuition were suddenky the weekend routine. All of these just for the sake of ukhuwwah.

Alhamdulillah we are living happily and peacefully. But at the same time, please do not forget our brothers and sisters in Mesir, Suriah, Palestin, Myanmar and everywhere else in this world. Please do not forget to say dua for them everywhere and everytime. They are figthing for their syahadah.

O Allah the Mighty. Please protect my brothers and sisters from the evil hands of the munafiqun, musyrikun and dzalimun. Ameen.


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