Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recharge iman

Salam alaykum.

Is your hand phone battery dead? Not yet? What was the percentage shown? Unaware? Unaware is very unlikely to most people. Many are very concern if their handphone battery went dead. The proof is people created power bank. Many telephone users currently owned a power bank which they carry everywhere they go just to ensure their handphone battery remains charged. But how many of us care if our iman is decreasing, going down? how many of us remember to recharge our iman? I am one of them.

Astaghfirullahal 'adzim.

How do we recharge our iman? I am not an asatizah to list out the many ways. I can only share what i think is possible.

1. Listen to tazkeerah, kuliyyah and beneficial talk.

Macam mana nak buat semua ni? Dengar kuliah? Mana ada masa. Talk? Lagi tak sempat.

Subhanallah. Allah has created human with aqal. With aqal human has creatwd many wonderful technology. You can listen to tazkeerah whenever you want, wherever you are. There youtube, uStream and what  nots. Information is just a click away. What you need is only a will power to recharge your iman.

So, apa macam. Boleh buat tak? Sesekali bukak la radio ikim pagi2, petang dalam pukul 5pm. Tak dengar iklan dia pun takpe. Tutup je masa iklan tu. Ataupun, sambil duduk tu cari ceramah kat dlam youtube. Tak ada internet?  TV ada kannnn..... Kat TV pun banyak program agama selain cerita hantu. Boleh kan????  Jom kita buat sikit-sikit. Jinakkan hati kita dengan ilmu. Baca buku agama pun okay. Majalah agama pun dalam lambakan.

During Ramadhan we consistently went to masajid or surau for the solat tarawikh and from time we listened to tazkeerah. We felt the tranquility, peace of mind. However, after Ramadhan we are back to our busy worldly life. I pitied myself for that.

Ya Allah. Kau kurniakanlah kelapangan masa yang bermanafaat kepadaku dan kau kurniakanlah istiqamah kepadaku dalam beribadat kepadaMu. Amin.

2. Be among the pious.

You might think:
Aiseh. Manalah pulak nak cari orang alim ni? Kawan-kawan aku pun lebih kurang aku je.

No worries. We can start by knowing who are the pious. Know the asatizah. When you know them, you'll admire them. When you admire them, you will want to be like them. Just like how we went crazy with the artist. BUT, if you can find a pious person around you, its better. Just try to be close to them and try to be like them - only the good ones k!

Wallahua'lam. May Allah guide us to the jannatul firdaus. Amin.

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