Monday, August 26, 2013

Envy - For a good cause

Salam Alaykum

Among one of my morning routines is to watch the morning Islamic show. It could be Reflections, Tanyalah Ustaz or the Madrasah series. And Refelections on TV AlHijrah was among the favourite.

Honestly, I envy the host, Imam Suhaib Webb. Born as a Christian believer he had converted to Islam and became a practicing Muslim and very knowlegeable about Islam unlike myself who is born as a Muslim. He can also understand Arabic (I am not sure if he can speaks Arabic, maybe yes). When he discusses about the verses in Quran, he is able to deliver it beautifully. Easy to understand, easy to grasp. How many of us whom are born Muslim understand what the Quran says? Or do we even bother to understand the meaning of Quran. To understand what Allah SWT is trying to tell us? I feel small, what am i to answer in front of Allah SWT during Mahsyar.

Google image: Imam Suhaib Webb in Reflection

I was once given the opportunity to learn Arabic in school, but i did not take it seriously. At that time, learning is only for exam. As I will not sit for Arabic in the exam, I ignored the Arabic classes. I let the teacher speaks to himself in front not concentrating to what he taught. Now  I am ashamed of myself. May Allah forgives me.

Looking at successful Islamic scholars, lets be motivated. Lets find ways to enhance our knowledge. Lets try our best to understand Quran.  Lets at least read the translation. Lets begin today. Insha Allah.


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