Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My car & the cats.

As salam.

Cat and me. .... Never get along well. I just cannot bear cats even though I know how Rasulallah SAW treated cats with love and kind, I just cannot fall in love in cats. Cats will only shivers me to the spine. Allah knows best. He tested me with cats on several occasions. The most recent being this. Cats in the engine compartment of my car!!!! Phew!

See those tiny kittens cuddling each other. They were in the engine compartment of my car for more than 24 hours. Everything began on Sunday, night, at about 10pm. I requested for my husband to water the plants in my small herbs garden. He did, when I was inside folding the pile of clothes. Then suddenly, there was the cat sound. Unlike the ordinary sound, it was a sound of pleading. I popped outside asking what's going on. My husband told me that he accidentally watered kittens and their mother that nestled somewhere behind the pots. There was 4, he claimed. I guess, the mother was pleading for my husband not to water anymore or the kitten might drowned.

My husband left the scene for just  a short while, upon returning, just to find that the mother cat and it's kitten were gone. It gone missing in just a split second. We wonder where it goes. Where we wonder where the mother took the kittens to. It occurred to me that they might seek refuge in my car but my husband brushed off the idea. And the night is off.

The next day, I drove to work as usual. And drove back home as always. Fetch Sabrina from her school earlier than my usual day, I took her to the clinic as she had bruised her knee badly during the camp. On our way to the clinic, I could hear the cat's sound. I turned off the radio, the sound is off too. We made the conclusion that the sound was coming from the radio.  I started to feel uncomfortable. As I was parking my car in front of the clinic, the sound came again, louder this time. I parked my car, step out and take a peep at the front of car, from the criss-cross aluminium in front of the car I could see a cat. The little tail is dangling from inside. I shivers. I was thinking of the worst case that could happen. The cats might be hurt. We settled our task at the clinic. I slowly drove home. The aircond was turned off as I am afraid that it might somehow hurt the cat as it made a frantic sound each time I turned the aircond on. When my husband came home, he tried several ways to take the cat out. With the flashlight, he could see that it is not one, but three were inside there. And the best thing is, even the mother was there too. One happy family!!! There s no other way except to take the car to the workshop to take out the cats.

This morning, while sitting facing the porch, I suddenly saw the mother leap out from the car. There was no sound of the kittens. Whether they are alive or not, they must be taken out from the car. Therefore, I took the car to the workshop as early as possible. As I waited in the waiting area (perhaps just like fathers waiting for a newborn!), I suddenly hear the tiny sound of the cats. The mechanics came in with the kittens in their hands. I shout frantically not to come closer to me. I urged them to take the kittens away, I do not want them. But I was advised differently. They told me that the mother must be looking for it's kitten, therefore I should take them home. They placed the kittens nicely in a box and later put it in the my car trunk. I drove home. Upon arrival, I saw the mother was sun bathing at my neighbour's porch. I took the box out and lured the mother to the box. As I was walking away, the mother immediately reached for the kittens. When I looked at how the mother snuggled and licked it's kitten, I knew I have done the correct thing. Our problem is not solved, the cats will still be around, but .... I am sure I have made the right decision to bring them home. To reunite them as a family. That's the best I can do for them as I am unable to love them.

An experience to remember by ......


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