Friday, June 14, 2013

All in a day's life ....

As Salam alaykum,

I wonder why but I just love to record what happen in my day. Perhaps it is to retrace what I have been doing for  a day.

I begin my office hour at 0830am today, rushing to be part of the raudhah, majlis ilmi, at the faculty. I was at the Dewan al-Ghazali when my phone rang and appear is my superior's number. Duty calls. As it was working hours, I obliged to react for the call of duty. I was needed to assist with some urgent task. I fulfilled. While completing the task, calls and text messages keep coming in. Friday is always the 'customer's day'. There is a long list of student's appointment. Some are brought forward from the day before which I had to attend the student selection session.

Completing it at about 1030am, I rushed to my office with students hanging around it. 'Take turn!', was my friendly shout. 'Boys first, Ok!', I added, as I do not want to be answerable if they were late to the masjid. All 9 of them made mutual agreement on who to see me first. I must leave at 1200 to fetch Sabrina from school. Ah! How nice to have my driver (dearest kakak) to do this chauffeuring task. Miss you kakak.

Afternon at 230pm was the proposal presentation. After sending Sabrina off to her friend's house for a weeken camp, I hurriedly back to the office, only to see another student is already at my door. Got just enough time to entertain the student, I then rushed to the presentation venue. The presesntation ended at 530pm. And its time to go home.

Ahhh..... It's all in day's work.


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