Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Double Blow


I have just finished my classes for today. It was a double BLOW today. I felt that my blood shoot up. One blow for each class.

The first class was at 10.30am. I entered the class, everybody was busy talking. I plug-in my pendrive, open the powerpoint slides for today's presentation, and they were still talking. I sat quietly at the desk, looked around, and they were still talking until finally one student realized my change of behavior, and signaled her friends to keep quiet. Then only I was be able to start the class. But ... it was interrupted by two people in the last row. Their voices was suddenly increased perhaps the conversation was too exciting. The whole class prompt them to keep quiet. I continued my lecture. When I finally concluded my lecture, the same two at the last row, suddenly looked very puzzled. They quickly tidied up their things, rolled their notebook cables and packed to leave. Argh!!!! They were doing something else in class during lecture. Never had I experience this in my years of teaching. Where are their respects to teachers?? Where are their respects to knowledge??? They are there just to ensure that their attendance are filled. I pitied them for having such behavior, but it frustrates me.

The second class was at 4pm. I cautioned the students that those with less than 80% attendance will be barred from sitting the final exam as stated in the 'Peraturan Akademik" book that all students owned. Before leaving the class, I picked up the attendance sheet and started to skim through the names. That was when I realized that the attendance column for a student who was not in class was signed by someone. I recognized the boy. I know he was not in class this afternoon, but how come his name is signed? Who have done this? I asked the class, but nobody dares to admit. I pitied the student who signed on behalf of his absent friend. He is not being honest when HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

I pitied the students but at the same time worried about the generation that we have now. They are the leaders of tomorrow. May Allah guide them to the righteous path. And may Allah protects us from these bad behavior.

O my generation! What got into you? However, I truly aware, these are only the few among all the good ones. There are many more good students around whom will not forget to greet us politely. Whom will take our hands to ask for blessing after each class. I pray to Allah, for these students to have a successful future ahead. Ameen.


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