Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Herbs Garden

Assalamualaikum all,

Great to be writing again, here, today. It is a piece to share my joy and happiness. It brings me to a happiness and piece of mind. Proudly to share with you my HERBS GARDEN.
It is only a 7X11 feet by size. But it houses many of my daily needs. Especially when i ran out of vege in stock and too lazy to go to the shop.
You can find red chilli (the one captured is green), cili api, mint, basil, daun selom, pucuk beluntas, daun sirih cina (good to lower your BP) and the banana tree (at the moment as a source for the leaves), curry leaves. And currently showering with love is the tumeric and ginger plant. And not to forget the lime tree. The ginger plant is going to grow into large plant so i decided to keep it small by consistently trimming it or removing it if it gets out of control.
This is where i will take a seat after weeding.5 minutes every morning before off to work. This where i find happiness to begin a new day with.
Enjoy gardening!!!!
The Green Chilli
(In the background is the banana tree)
This is what my mother in-law called 'Sirih Cina'.
A good substitute for daily vege intake.
Potted mint

 Mak said this is called 'Pucuk Beluntas'
My previous Indonesian helper, said this plant is good for women's health.

Me, I recently re-plant it. My earlier plant had to go to give way for some small house renovation.
My baby banana tree.
Pokok pisang raja .... hopefully it is a fruitful plant. ;)
 Cili api - the 'hot fiery' small chilli
Daun selom


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