Monday, October 29, 2012

Meetings & Workshops


Coming into the office Monday morning after a 4 days break, I turned on the computer and logged-into the email system. Something catches my eye from the list, Jemputan KPTN 2013. I clicked on it, as expected, it is a call for a meeting. Argh! Why must it be during the semester break? I have other plans during this semester break. But now ......., my break is spoilt.

Here is how I will spend my semester break:-
Monday: Some free time to do some marking of test papers and quizes.
Tuesday: 9am-12noon: Meeting.
              Afternoon: Who knows what more is waiting.
Wednesday: 9am-5pm: Diploma Exam meeting. Results presentation and verification.
Thursday: 9am - 5pm: Workshop.
Friday: 9am-5pm: Workshop.

I really need A BREAK!!!!! HELP!!!!!

Allah Knows Best. And I redha.

p/s. Do I still want to work until the age of 60???


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